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Ulrich Dietz – CEO

“Inspiration, curiosity and courage are the source of innovation. If you want solutions that make a lasting impression, you must promote dialogue, think outside the box and have faith in your ideas. In other words: dare to innovate!”

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Marika Lulay – COO

“Providing holistic support for our customers means fully understanding them. In order to offer solutions which not only satisfy our customers but inspire them, we must act as equals and blend methodology with creativity.“

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Dr. Jochen Ruetz – CFO

“Inspiration needs the space provided by an open corporate culture and efficient processes. Each individual can make a contribution in the pursuit of the perfect solution: with their ideas, knowledge and perseverance.”

Ulrich Dietz

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Chairman of the Managing Directors & CEO

Ulrich Dietz’s vision and instinct as a successful entrepreneur knows no bounds. After graduating in engineering, he has headed GFT since its foundation at the cutting edge of the IT industry in 1987. In 1999, Mr Dietz launched the firm on the stock exchange just twelve years later. As CEO, he is responsible for the key operational areas of marketing, strategy, corporate communications, investor relations and internal IT. 


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Marika Lulay

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Managing Director & COO

Marika Lulay is characterised by her diligent, objective approach. An IT graduate, she became chief operating officer (COO) in 2002, assuming responsibility for GFT. Never afraid to face up to a challenge, Marika Lulay ensures GFT lives up to its reputation as an expert provider of innovative and reliable IT solutions.


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Dr. Jochen Ruetz

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Managing Director & CFO

Dr. Jochen Ruetz is tasked with bridging the gap between strategy and reality. As chief financial officer, he is responsible for ensuring transparency and stringent project management. A business graduate, Dr Ruetz has been at the helm of the key operational areas of finance, controlling, human resources, internal audit, procurement and legal affairs at GFT since 2003.


Download CV Dr Jochen Ruetz (PDF)