Ad hoc disclosure pursuant to Article 17 MAR

GFT Technologies SE announces guidance for financial year 2017

The Administrative Board of GFT Technologies SE today resolved to set its full-year guidance for consolidated revenue at 450.00 million euros for the financial year 2017. Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) of the GFT Group are expected to reach 48.50 million euros and earnings before taxes (EBT) 35.00 million euros. Full-year guidance for EBITDA and EBT is thus below market expectations for the financial year 2017.

According to preliminary calculations, the GFT Group will report consolidated revenue of 422.56 million euros (2015: 373.51 million euros), EBITDA of 46.77 million euros (2015: 44.56 million euros) and EBT of 33.05 million euros (2015: 32.52 million euros) for its financial year 2016. The full-year guidance for 2016 adjusted in August was thus exceeded.

The company will publish all further preliminary figures for the financial year 2016 immediately following this ad hoc disclosure.

Explanations of the financial figures used in this ad hoc disclosure are to be found on the GFT website under