In this section you’ll find photos, logos, charts and diagrams, plus comprehensive information for download and further use at your own convenience – of course, in print quality. You can easily search in various categories and download the material directly to your own computer.

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All materials can be used free of charge for PR purposes. GFT Technologies SE is the sole owner of the rights of use for any provided materials. GFT press materials may only be used for editorial and research purposes. Any other kind of commercial use is prohibited. All copyrights belong to GFT Technologies SE, Stuttgart, and are unaffected by pictures being taken electronically or added manually to archives. Pictures that are to be used for editorial purposes, modified, duplicated, altered electronically must be marked with the source 'GFT'.

The replication or publishing of photos is free of charge. In return, we do ask the print media to provide a reference voucher copy and members of the film and electronic media to send us a short notification by writing to: