Client: Leading Italian Insurance Group

The Client, an Insurance Group with multiple Insurance companies and a retail bank, had customer data spread in different systems.

A single customer view of the client was not available, with limitation in providing a consistent information to the distribution network and not enough customer centric support to run a more focused up-selling / cross-selling strategy


An innovation program was launched with the following objectives:

  • Consolidate and clean the customer data
  • Create an extended 360 customer view at group level
  • Distribute the client data with an operational CRM for all the actors of the marketing department / sales departments / sales network
  • Launch and monitor up-selling / cross-selling campaigns based on the extended customer view
  • Scope: GFT was engaged to support the Client’s project on several tracks: PMO, Business and Requirements analysis, Solution design and Implementation, System integration, End users training
  • Key Factors:
  • A team of 15 people worked together with the Client and other partners in a 12 months project
  • Trust-based relationship between Customer, GFT and other partners
  • Proactive controls regarding software quality, design, performance, methodology and development cycle
  • Pilot version developed in 6 months
  • 6 more months for the first productive release
  • Rollout was completed by  2010
  • Single Customer Data Hub for the group (insurance and banking) with more then 6M clients and 20M contracts, with daily and near-on-line update
  • Multichannel access with data protection rules for all actors: sales department, agents, customers
  • Operational CRM with 360 cust view, campaign management, customer communications fully integrated with transactional systems