Proof of concept

  • Financial service providers must improve their churn management, identify targeted customers by analysing present and future profitability, and increase their loyalty
  • Predicting which targeted customers are most likely to leave is necessary in order to provide them with optimised and personalised offers
  • Reaction in real time is a must to address customers at the point of contact with the financial institution
  • GFT developed a custom behaviour prediction solution for churn management
  • The solution was implemented with real-time analytics technologies based on SAP HANA and presentation based on SAP Business Objects
  • A scorecard-based churn model was developed that includes parameters to capture potential attrition factorse models
  • Closer customer relationships and increased customer loyalty
  • Identification of high-potential customers to approach leads directly
  • Product configuration optimised to achieve acquisition/churn objectives
  • Improved customer loyalty through real-time analysis of each customer and the past behaviour patterns of millions of other customers
  • Customer attrition forecasts

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