Client: A Spanish bank

  • Working in collaboration with GFT, the bank outsources maintenance services and new projects for most kinds of banking applications.
  • The project involved the development and upgrading of systems due to legislative and regulatory projects.
  • GFT would need to provide consulting within specific areas (eg, CIRBE, distribution channels).
  • Development projects on site at the bank’s offices and at GFT with the aim of maintaining corporate systems that had been in place since 2001.
  • Understanding of most applications in use.
  • Service was delivered by an average of 35 FTEs at any given time.
  • Technology used: Cobol (mainframe application), .NET and Visual Basic (front end applications).
  • Support with systems integration
  • Services agreed with the client:
    • scheduling and material support
    • Incidental maintenance and enhancement services
    • Follow-on projects
  • Specialist support provided with ATMs, credit cards, saving products, credit risk authorisation portfolio, complementary systems, loans, accounting, treasury, commercial data management, domestic and international payments, and more.

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