Client: Investment Banking in UK

  • Due to new Basel III requirements issued by Bank for International Settlements, the client needed to build a new strategic reporting system, compatible with Basel II and other regulatory requirements.
  • A new strategic solution was required by the client involving:
    • data sourcing with a high level of granularity to be leveraged for financial reporting and other regulatory reports.
    • new LCR & NSFR reports generation
    • new processes to monitor the main ratio drivers, including divisional analysis and reporting
  • GFT business analysts were responsible of analysis, design and supervision of liabilities sourcing and reporting logic, as well as generating a reconciliation process with FSA liquidity reports
  • GFT designed the solution leveraging the banks architectural strategy, sourcing, joining and aggregating  data from strategic data sources and using golden source reference data
  • The construction of a Proof of concept by GFT minimised go-live exceptions by ensuring that business users had visibility over the output in advance of go-live allowing them to fix business rules that were causing data quality issues
  • The client recognized the effort and the quality of GFT business analysts meeting all deadlines and generating a centralised point for liabilities in the bank with a high level of data detail and quality
  • Improved liquidity risk assessment. Greater transparency in liquidity data sourcing and regulatory reporting process
  • Centralised data collection from upstream sources and distribution to downstream systems
  • Improved data quality by increasing level of granularity
  • Consistency in interpretation of regulatory requirements within the bank
  • Reduced operational risk due to automation of reports generation and submission
  • Regulatory compliant
  • Support future disclosure and regulatory developments

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