Use data for an enhanced customer experience

  • Provide a more efficient way to store and access historical customer transaction data

  • Make data available for a wide range of uses within the bank

  • Enable customers to use and enhance their transactional data with contextual information

  • Improve customers’ user experience in the management of their information

  • Reduce the cost of managing customer data

Develop a customer insight solution leveraging Big Data

  • Design and build the innovative solution ‘Customer Insight’

  • Support huge volumes of data, data storage and processing, distributed amongst a farm of servers, enable parallel operation

  • Implement Big Data solution able to handle 15 billion data points, providing fast response to queries

  • Enrich the solution with PFM functionality

Greater customer engagement and reduced mainframe costs

  • Customers manage all their accounts through a single application, providing deep financial insight into their spending habits
  • A rich web and mobile user interface allows users to visually analyse their financial data
  • Bank uses data to better understand customer behaviour and drive sales and marketing
  • Cost savings by removing data queries from the mainframe core banking system
  • Improved customer service and cross-selling opportunities