• Being effective, simple, efficient and at the same time compliant with latest regulations in managing its internal processes, is a major challenge for financial institutions
  • That’s why accurate planning, monitoring and controlling internal processes embraces both IT operations (i.e. administrative, prescriptive, client-related processes) and business (i.e. anti-laundering, branch offices authorizations, …)
  • Development of an initial concept
  • Business Requirements and solution specifications definition
  • Development of the entire solution in a multi-phase evolution roadmap
  • Integration with core banking systems
  • Testing and roll-out

We developed a solution platform specialized in executing and monitoring internal processes from a centralized “console”.

Target users are:

  • Top Management: for monitoring and control through specialized dashboards of the overall process execution (i.e. activities executed on-time vs delayed, completeness of the different process phases, …), according to their authorization/hierarchical level
  • Organizational Units/Offices: for monitoring, control and execution of the specific processes they are responsible for

In addition, there is a “distinctive” feature appreciated by key-users: a simple, immediate, complete schematic graphical representation of a banking process in a similar way to industrial and manufacturing processes.