Client: A Spanish bank

  • Outsourcing of the client’s IT department responsible for retail banking and asset management operations
  • Transfer of 94 client employees in 2 different locations (Barcelona and Madrid) to become part of GFT’s staff
  • Service to be provided to the client’s operations in Spain and Portugal
  • Services required for run-the-business (RTB) including 24x7 services, change-the-business (CTB) and projects
  • Fixed price required for RTB services and minimum budgets commitment for CTB projects
  • GFT has managed all IT Services for the bank since 2010, from consulting and business requirements to the implementation of solutions. We have also been responsible for cross services, central bank reporting, fulfilment of security policies and architecture and infrastructure frameworks.
  • Support involves a team of about 200 people covering the whole range of retail banking business products and core systems. Most are IT with previous experience at banks and a long track record in banking.
  • GFT is responsible for the maintenance of more than 250 applications which are organised by clustering applications according to ‘domain’ knowledge
  • New organisational structure (functional clusters) set up to provide international services
  • Leaner management structure with focus on services
  • Same teams providing RTB and CTB services
  • Reallocation of skilled staff to other projects in the client’s international areas

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