We firmly believe that the global banking community is being swept into a new reality, with ongoing regulatory driven change and reporting becoming the 'New Normal’ for financial markets.

Over the coming years, banks will need to respond to this ongoing challenge by having adaptable operating models and systems which are regulation agnostic. Could we already be at a tipping point, where banks now require new systems or operating models that will enable them to easily adapt their entire organisation to any new rules and regulations, rather than dealing individually with each emerging regulatory requirement? If so, this is a significant change in approach which will have a wide ranging impact across the entire organisation.

Click here to view our market insight results, released in June 2015.

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With this in mind, GFT has created ‘The New Normal’ site, to help you deal with the current regulatory landscape and the challenges and opportunities created by an ongoing environment of more, not less, regulation. We intend to examine each of the major new regulations affecting financial markets as they appear over the horizon, offering solutions and services to achieve, and go beyond compliance.

Here you will find GFT ‘points of view’, articles, case studies, plus specific offerings and solutions, on regulatory issues including:

  • BCBS239
  • EMIR
  • Collateral management
  • Project management for regulatory compliance
  • Risk and operational management

You can also meet our regulatory specialists, who have a deep understanding of capital markets and the best practices in solving complex process, governance and IT issues.

As part of this exciting new initiative we have also polled the market to find out how great the impact of regulatory change and compliance has been on global financial organisations. In our research, we aimed to determine the extent to which responses to regulation have helped drive the consolidation and streamlining of business functions, and whether this has helped or hindered the ability to make better business decisions. Click here to view our market insight results, released in June 2015.